Our Philosophy

Florim USA, the manufacturer of the MILE®stone brand, is committed to green and social initiatives, placing attention on an environmentally-friendly production process. Concern for, and preservation of, the environment is at the foundation of our industrial operations. We are committed to:

Recycled content

We recycle powders, pastes, and residues from our plant. We buy glass from a local landfill and unused tiles are recycled back into manufacturing.


The efficient use of energy in the manufacturing process makes significant reductions in embodied carbon.

Low waste

The wide range of MILE®stone tile sizes helps to reduce material waste during installation.

Locally made

95% of our raw materials are locally sourced within 500 miles of our facilities, saving on transit emissions.


Our tile has a useful life of at least 60 years. It can easily last the lifespan of the building, no replacements or repairs necessary.

MILE®stone Reduces a Building's Embodied Carbon

What is embodied carbon?

Embodied carbon is the sum of all greenhouse gas emissions (mostly carbon dioxide) resulting from the mining, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, transportation, and installation of building materials. We have low embodied carbon product solutions.

Why is it important?

When looking at total greenhouse gas emissions for new buildings built over the next ten years — the critical period for action to address the global climate emergency — it is estimated that 80% will come from embodied emissions.

Acting now

Lowering embodied carbon emissions is now even more urgent than lowering operating emissions, which comprise the remaining 20%.

Design choices matter

Smart choices during design can greatly reduce this footprint. MILE®stone porcelain tile contains the least embodied carbon of any competitive floor covering, partly due to its long useful life, which can easily last the life of the building. 

Fully Accredited Sustainable Initiatives

Declare labels disclose all ingredients and residuals. Red List Free means free of the worst materials and chemicals for human and environmental health.
The Health Product Declaration Collaborative transparency declaration for all of MILE®stone’s naturally occurring materials.
Underwriter’s Laboratories certification of low emitting materials. MILE®stone is Green Guard Gold certified.
MILE®stone manufactures products which aid architects in achieving USGBC certification.
The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tracks environmental impact from producing porcelain tile.
A declaration that MILE®stone values the environment and works daily to minimize our adverse impact upon it.
Tile Council of North America and the American National Standards Institute’s standard for sustainability and environmental impact.
Bureau Veritas Standards Program verifies and certifies both pre- and post-consumer recycled content.
Defines pre-consumer content of as much as 45% recycled material which reduces our carbon footprint.
Defines post-consumer content of as much as 3% recycled glass which reduces landfill impact.

About MILE®stone

Whether you have a sustainable project in mind or are interested in learning more about the possibilities of MILE®stone tiles and slabs, our team is here to help.

Florim USA, the manufacturer of the MILE®stone brand, is located in Clarksville, TN. Established in 2000, the plant spans over 1 million square feet of covered space and produces over 100 million square feet of tile annually.

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