In 2021 shortly after rebranding, MILE®stone created the Design Advisory Council (DAC), a collaborative group of Interior Designers across the US representing interior giants and trendsetters within the industry.

With representation in hospitality, residential, and commercial design, the first Council was invited to Florim USA to partake in an exchange of information. The designers gave insight into the design world, and Florim provided an in-depth look on the process of creating beautiful tile for those designs.

The Council was given an inside view on how design, texture, and looks from stone to wood can be developed by Florim USA. The designers were tasked with creating a tile design and supporting story to present during the following meeting. This is where the first story was created.

Read interviews with past and present DAC members here:

DAC Member interviews

“Stories gives a voice to the American Design Community”

Rodolfo Panisi, CEO, Florim USA

“It is fitting that MILE®stone being a sustainable tile, made in the USA, would give a platform to American Designers as a form of expression. We’re collaborating with residential and commercial design visionaries. We know that these visions can take on so many forms, and we’re pleased to present some of these forms with the authenticity of Stories. They represent the realization of connection and co-work. It’s this type of collaboration that we value and strive for, which brings living beauty to our products.”

BESTOW: Reframing the Maker's Heritage

Bestow porcelain tile collection highlights fiber arts in Bandura Design’s inaugural collaboration with MILE®stone's brand Stories. Homespun artist’s weaving, braiding, and macrame knotting inspire the tile’s color, texture, and pattern, communicating the stories, teachings, and emotions bestowed upon us by generations of women.


MILE®stone's Design Advisory Council (DAC) is always on the lookout for trendsetters within the industry.

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